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United States America Quiz 33 Mind-blowing

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1 United States Preamble :

United States Preamble :

America is a country made up of fifty states and many territories. Each has its own personal record as well as a history that it shares with the United States exempt. However, there are some things that every American is expected to feel. Despite the fact that the average American is going through 12 years of record directives, let’s examine a piece of state history.

Some statistics are preserved in every class. All and Miscellaneous knows that the United States of America began as a group of British colonies. We all believe that George Washington turned into a famously progressive struggle to become the primary President of the United States. We also know that the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, which forced the United States into World War II.

United States America Quiz

However, do you already know how many terms Franklin Delano Roosevelt served? Or who wrote the charter? Or who is the author of the Declaration of Independence? Faculty includes all these things which most people forget with time. This quiz will give you a chance to prove your memory!

This quiz covers everything from the innovation struggle to the Supreme Court room to landing on the moon. Do you have what it takes to access this quiz? If so, prove you’re promoting these simple information with this American frivolity quiz!

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Answer Key : (United States America Quiz)

The United States is a fascinating place. With landscapes as diverse as its people and a vibrant history filled with the best and some of the worst, the country is far from boring. What do you know about the Land of Freedom? Here are 33 quizzes about America that you can add to your list now.

1. Who was the first president of the United States?

a)James Monroe United States America Quiz
b)John Adams
c)George Washington
d)Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Ans: c) George Washington

2- In which city was John F Kennedy assassinated?

a) Dallas United States America Quiz
b) New York City
c) Austin
d) Houston

Ans:- a) Dallas United States America Quiz

3. Which country helped the United States in the Revolutionary War?

a) China
b) England
c) Canada
d) France

Ans:- d) France United States America Quiz

4-Which state is not one of the original 13 colonies?

a) New York United States America Quiz
b) New Jersey
c) Pennsylvania
d) Florida

Ans:- d) Florida United States America Quiz

5 – What do the stars on the American flag symbolize?

a) The number of states in the union
b) The number of presidents
c) The 13 original colonies
d) The number of wars Americans have fought in

Ans :- a) The number of states in the union

6 – Who was the president of the Confederate States of America?

a) Abraham Lincoln United States America Quiz
b) Benedict Arnold
c) Robert E. Lee
d) Jefferson Davis United States America Quiz

Ans:- d) Jefferson Davis

7 – Which event are 49ers associated with?

a) Battle of the Alamo United States America Quiz
b) Trail of Tears
c) World War I United States America Quiz
d) California Gold Rush

Ans:- d) California Gold Rush

8 – What occurred during the Trail of Tears?

a) Forced relocation of Native Americans
b) The bombing of Pearl Harbor
c) American Independence
d) Slaves were set free.

Ans:- a) Forced relocation of Native Americans

9 – Which Revolutionary War figure defected to the British?

a) Benjamin Franklin
b) George Washington
c) Paul Revere
d) Benedict Arnold

Ans :- d) Benedict Arnold

10. Why did the Boston Tea Party occur?

a) Colonists felt taxes imposed violated their rights as Englishmen.
b) The Sons of Liberty wanted to dress up as Native Americans.
c) The colonists wanted free tea.
d) The colonists wanted to start a war.

Ans:- a) Colonists felt taxes imposed violated their rights as Englishmen.

11 – In which city was the Declaration of Independence signed?

a) Philadelphia
b) Trenton
c) New York
d) Washington D.C.

Ans:- a) Philadelphia

12 – Which New York island served as an immigration station from 1892 to 1954?

a) Ellis Island
b) Rikers Island
c) Staten Island
d) Fire Island

Ans:- a) Ellis Island

13 – Which event happened on Dec. 7, 1941?

a) Founding of the League of Nations
b) Signing of the Treaty of Versailles
c)The attack on Pearl Harbor
d) The end of World War I.

Ans :- c)The attack on Pearl Harbor

14 – Who is the only president never to have been elected as president or vice president?

a) Millard Fillmore
b) Grover Cleveland
c) Bill Clinton
d) Gerald Ford

Ans :- d) Gerald Ford

15 – Who is the only president to resign?

a) Bill Clinton
b) Andrew Johnson
c) Richard Nixon
d) Franklin Delano Rooseveltd

Ans:- c) Richard Nixon

16 – Which amendment is the only one to have been repealed?

a) First Amendment
b) Second Amendment
c) Fifth Amendment
d) Eighteenth Amendment

Ans:- d) Eighteenth Amendment

17 – What plot of land did the United States buy from France?

a) The Louisiana Purchase
b) Alaska
c) Florida

Ans :- a) The Louisiana Purchase

18 – Before she was overthrown, which state did Queen Lili’uokalani rule?

a) Ohio
b) New Jersey
c) Hawaii
d) Alaska

Ans :- c) Hawaii

19 – Where was Abraham Lincoln shot?

a) Ford’s Theatre
b) On Broadway
c) The White House
d) In a log cabin

Ans :- a) Ford’s Theatre

20 – Who was the first secretary of the United States Department of the Treasury?

a)Thomas Jefferson
b)Benjamin Franklin
c)John Jay
d)Alexander Hamilton

Ans:- d)Alexander Hamilton

21 -In 1776, which important U.S. document was signed?

a) The Consitution
b) The Bill of Rights
c) The Declaration of Independence
d) Magna Carta

Ans :- c) The Declaration of Independence

22 -Which president’s face is not on Mount Rushmore?

a) John Adams
b) George Washington
c) Abraham Lincoln
d) Theodore Roosevelt

Ans :- a) John Adams

23- How many Supreme Court justices currently serve on the nation’s highest court?

a) 6
c) 9
d) 4

Ans :- c) 9

24 – What year did the United States send a man to the moon?

a) 1965
b) 1969
d) 1960

Ans :- b) 1969

25 – Which state became the first to ratify the Constitution?

a) Maine
b) New York
c) North Carolina
d) Delaware

Ans :- d) Delaware

26 – Which two presidents died on the 50th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence?

a) Benjamin Franklin and Alexander Hamilton
b) Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson
c) George Washington and James Monroe
d) Thomas Jefferson and John Adams

Ans :- d) Thomas Jefferson and John Adams

27 – What was the name of President Franklin Roosevelt’s first lady?

a) Eleanor Roosevelt
b) Mary Todd Lincoln
c) Martha Washington
d) Nancy Reagan

Ans :- a) Eleanor Roosevelt

28 – Which country sold Alaska to the United States?

a) Canada
b) England
c) Russia
d) Spain

Ans :- c) Russia

29 – Which country was not a U.S. ally in World War ?

a) Britain
b) Germany
c) France
d) Russia

Ans :- b) Germany

30 – Which journalists revealed the Watergate Scandal?

a) Tom Brokaw and Mike Wallace
b) Walter Winchell and Barbara Walters
c) Walter Cronkite and Ben Bradlee
d) Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein

Ans :- d) Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein

31 – What was the belief that the United States should own all the land between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans called?

a) The American Dream
b) Louisiana Purchase
c) The Pursuit of Happiness
d) Manifest Destiny

Ans :- d) Manifest Destiny

32 – Which president was an actor?

a) Abraham Lincoln
b) Ronald Reagan
c) Harry Truman
d) Dwight Eisenhower

Ans :- b) Ronald Reagan

33- The father of the Constitution is which president?

a) James Madison
b) George Washington
c) Barack Obama
d) Abraham Lincoln

Ans :- a) James Madison


1. Who is the 1st female president of USA?

Ans :- Eleanor Roosevelt

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