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States of America Quiz

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States of America Quiz :

1. To start us off with a topical, which 15th century sailor is said to have “discovered” America?

Answer: Christopher Columbus. He was not the first to discover America, but he was considered the first to introduce American to Western/European culture.

2. And in what year was America discovered on that subject?

Answer: It is 1492. was in states of america quiz

3. What was the date of the American Declaration of Independence from the British Empire?
Answer: It was 4th July 1776. states of america quiz

4. According to the size of land, which is the smallest state of America?

Answer : Rhode Island, with only 1,045 square miles

5. Who was the first President to live in the White House?

Answer : John Adams was states of america quiz

6. In which state is Mount Rushmore located?

Answer: South Dakota states of america quiz

7. Which is the largest lake in America in terms of size?

Answer: Lake Superior 31,700 square miles

8. Which state is also known as ‘Finlandia’ because it looks a lot like Finland?

Answer: Minnesota states of america quiz

9. Statue of Liberty was a gift from which country?

Answer: France gifted the statue to the people of the United States of America in 1886.

10. How many stars are there on the American flag?

Answer: 50 states of america quiz

states of america painting:

states of america quiz

11. In which year was John F. Kennedy assassinated?

Answer : 22 November 1963

12. Which US President was born in Hawaii in 1961?

Answer: Barack Obama

13. Baseball World Series was first contested in which year – 1883, 1893 or 1903?

Answer : 1903

14. What is the real name of this American city known as ‘Motor City’?

Answer: Detroit

15. Which is the longest river in the United States of America?

Answer: 2,565 miles, Missouri River

17. How many territories does the United States have?

There are 5 permanently inhabited territories in North America. these are
1) Puerto Rico, 2) US Virgin Islands in the Caribbean Sea, 3) Guam Northern Mariana Islands in the North Pacific Ocean 4) American Samoa in the South Pacific Ocean.

18. Which is the highest mountain in America?

Answer: At 6,194 meters (20,320 ft), Denali (also known as Mount McKinley) in Alaska is the highest mountain in the states.

19. Washington DC What does D.C. mean?

Answer: District of Columbia. Many people think that Washington D.C. It is a state but in reality it is a district.

20. What is the national animal of the United States of America?

Answer: (1 mark each). There are technically 2. The American bald eagle is the national bird, and bison was recently added as a national mammal in 2016.

21. What was the name of New York before it was officially called New York?

Answer: New Amsterdam, it was actually called New Amsterdam because it was settled in Manhattan before the English.

22. Which is the most populous state in America?

Answer: That is California with a population of 39.5 million.

23. Which is the most popular national park in America?

Answer: The Great Smoky Mountains National Park attracts over 11 million visitors per year.

24. Who was the first American to land on the moon?

Answer: Neil Armstrong was on July 24, 1969.

25. Who was murdered by James Earl Ray in Memphis in April 1968?

Answer: Martin Luther King

26. Which was the first school established in the United States of America?

Answer: Harvard was founded in 1636 in Cambridge, Massachusetts and is still one of the best schools in the country.

27. When did Disneyland in California first open to the public – 1945, 1955 or 1965?

Answer: 1955

28. Where was the first American World’s Fair held in 1853?

Answer: New York

29. How many Super Bowls has Tom Brady won?

Answer: Brady has won an incredible 6 Super Bowls making him the most successful quarterback of all time.


Which American state has the most interstate highway kilometers?


How many stripes does the American flag have?


Which state did the United States purchase from Russia?


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