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RCM World No1 Business

RCM World No1 Business, Hello friends,
Today we are going to know “Our goal is RCM” through this post we are going to tell you the mantra to become successful in RCM.

No struggle, no trouble, then what is the fun in living. The storm will also stop when the focus will remain in the chest.

RCM World No1 Business
RCM World No1 Business

“Change in Business Public Awareness Campaign”

What is traditional business?

RCM World No1 Business

It is distributed among 10% of the people, those people are the rich of the world.
Goods worth Rs 1000 (1000/-) are made in the company and we (the customer, who is not in RCM) get it for 2000 thousand.

What is Direct Selling RCM World No1 Business?

There is a great opportunity for the customer to get employment and fulfill his dreams.

RCM World No1 Business

Ex. MRP of goods:- 2000 /- But how much benefit will the customer get by changing only 1 shop.

Up to 20% off
2000 x 20% = Rs.400
12 months x 400 = Rs 4800 After the benefit of + 45% of the business value, lakhs of customers have taken the benefit of partnership from generation to generation.

About The Company :

Company Fashion Suiting Pvt. L. entered into direct selling in the year 2000 under the name of RCM Brand and today is expanding with more than 500 FMCG and health products and 1000 pickup centers across India in every village and city.

In this the company (RCM World Bhilwara Rajasthan) RCM Pick Center, the company shakes hands with the customer by removing the middlemen and the customer becomes a direct seller.

Company Fashion Suitings Pvt. L. is an Indian company working 100% as per the guidelines given by the Government of India on 09 September 2016.

Benefits to customers from Direct Selling RCM World No1 Business:

  • pure and original product
  • cheap product
  • sure bill
  • 10 to 20 percent discount
  • 10 to 32 percent performance bonus
  • 03 to 08 percent royalty income / generation by generation
  • 01 to 05 percent technical bonus
  • 100 percent tax to the Government of India
How money comes:

When you use its products and discuss this “Business Concept” with your experts, they also become your “Business Partners” by getting attracted by its benefits and you help them. Business Group’ has been formed. Every Direct Seller per month in his Group B. According to the slab difference on V the money is received through direct bank account in the following three ways.

Bonus (RCM World No1 Business) :

100 to 499910%
20, 00016.5%
35, 00,00032%
  • Royalty Bonus: 8 %,
  • Technical Bonus: 5 %,

Total Bonus: 45 %

Example (RCM World No1 Business):

RCM World No1 Business
  • Your Total Business 1,72,000
  • Total 1,72, 000 x 26.5% = 45580
  • Group A 1,10,000 x 21.5% = 23650
  • Group B 60,000 x 19% = 11400
  • Business of both the groups = 35050
  • Your own income = 45580 – 35050
  • Total Income = 10530

To whom is royalty paid?

1) Writer

2) Singer

3) Scientist

4) Direct Seller

Royalty Bonus : 8 %, 3 %

RCM World No1 Business

03 % 350000 B.V 115000 B.V

04.5 % = 170000 B.V

06 % = 2600000 B.V

08 % = 350000 B.V

Example :

Royalty Bonus Benefit :- Group A – 350000 x 3 % = 10500

Differential Bonus Benefit :- Group B- 115000 x 8 % = 9200

Profit from own purchase :- 5000 x 32 % = 1600

Your total income: – 10500 + 9200 + 1600 = 21300 / – (royalty income)

Why do RCM World No1 Business? :

The change in income and expenditure of the middle class family from the year 1940 till now is as follows.

YearMonthly expensesLifestyle Changes
194010 /-rs.Farming is no longer dependent on agriculture
1960100 /-rs.Used to get job but did not do job, want job in today’s date
19801000/-rsOpposed to computer, need computer now
200010,000/-rsRCM Business Direct Selling , Wellness Nutricharge Industry
20201,00, 000 /- rsMillions of customers became millionaires in direct selling since 2000
204010, 00,000/-rsMillions of customers will become millionaires in direct selling from 2025 and you will have to do rcm
  • According to this data, there is only direct selling RCM business, which will give you continuous profit in 05 to 10 years.
  • L.T. D learn, teach, make people like you, guarantees income of Rs 1 lakh.

How to do RCM World No1 Business?

06 important tasks of success

  • use and sell products
  • List people you know
  • contact and invite
  • show the plan
  • contact again
  • get off to a good start

Critical Step Required

  • Set your goals and visualize your dreams for an hour a day
  • Show at least 2 plans per day
  • Buy and sell 5000 B.V products per month
  • Read the book of business and motivation CD for at least one hour daily. listen and see
  • Join a Weekly Daring Program and get people involved
  • Attend one big seminar every month and encourage people to attend
  • Consult your active and growing upline every month
  • keep trying and stay positive

Who is successful? What is called success?:

Way of lifeMoneyTimeCircleSecurity
self employedYesNoNoNo
Direct Selling / NetworkYesYesYesYes

Definition of Success:

The one who has freedom of money, time, circle security is successful

“If there is determination in the mind, no task is difficult, there is no rest to be done before reaching the destination”

“It is true that the one who comes today will make his own future, the one who comes tomorrow will make someone else’s future”

RCM World No1 Business

FAQs :

what is RCM

RCM is the brand name

What is the full form of RCM

Right , Concept, Marketing

In which company is the RCM brand made?

Fashion Suitings Pvt. Ltd.

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