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RCM Business Marketing Plan

RCM Business Marketing Plan , We all do some or the other work, i.e. do some job, business etc., in return for which they get money. We spend our money in the market, that is, we buy things from good morning to good night from the market shop, that is, we all are customers.

Traditional marketing plan :

40 /- in the company Rs. The customer gets the goods made in Rs.80 /-. Means Rs 40 /- is distributed among advertisements, agents, wholesalers, vendors, shopkeepers etc. and the customer means we get goods for Rs 80 /-. Friends, the customer is called Customer in English. Means ‘suffer and die’ this is what is happening with us.

RCM Business Marketing Plan

Consequences of traditional market system:

  • Rise in inflation
  • Adulterated goods
  • Spend more on diseases
  • Unbilled
  • Irregularity of product prices
  • Tax evasion
  • Dissatisfied customer

The above market system which we have been listening to for generations and where we are buying till date. Despite the consequences, there was no other way for the customer. This is the old fashioned way of shopping where he gets the right to be a satisfied customer. Now, going to tell you the biggest change of 21st century, which by looking at the buying and understanding and acceptance of the consumers, each and every customer can play their role in the service of the nation by becoming 100% satisfied customer.

21st century market system-RCM Business Marketing Plan:

By removing the middlemen, there is only the company and the customer. PUC center has been constructed to deliver the goods to us. This is the market system of the 21st century. Which saves our future. Friends, if we look at this new system, then here consumer and producer were in the main roles earlier and here also the only difference is that here there is complete introduction of each other. Each other’s mobile phone is nearby so that the consumer can talk directly to the manufacturer.

The second most happy thing is that here, between the two, centers for the sale of goods have been opened all over India. There the manufacturer provides delivery of the goods. Consumers should register their purchases from and 40 percent of the money used to go to the bicholio. Now the same money is received by a common consumer. Think when millions of people are getting rich with this money. Now the same money will go to every consumer, so can’t he become rich? It is absolutely possible that lakhs of people are being made here as well. Only our wish. No. Have to get and that too free of cost.

पंजीकृत उपभोक्ता कैसे बनें? (How to become a registered consumer?):

Click here to become a registered user. A form will open in which you have to fill your information. After filling the form online, within 3 minutes your Mo. No 10 digit reference will be received. With the person who brought you to RCM Business, you go to RCM Bazar, PUC to buy goods. You have to buy goods worth Rs.2000 /-.

When you shop from RCM market or PUC center, you feed your whole family and they all are satisfied with these items. You get some benefits on buying goods, read that…..

RCM सामानों की खरीदारी से लाभ (Benefits of buying RCM goods) :
  • RCM Business Marketing Plan As per 100 percent pure goods guaranteed.
  • According to RCM Business Marketing Plan, saving from 10 percent to 20 percent.
  • According to the RCM Business Marketing Plan, the government fixed bill in your name (all over India)
  • According to RCM Business Marketing Plan, 10% to 32% return of money on BV (Business value) from purchase every month.
  • According to RCM Business Marketing Plan, if you don’t like the product, you can return the product within 30 days, money back (keeping the packing safe).
  • According to RCM Business Marketing Plan, you can get additional income by giving health benefits to yourself and the society from the products of food supplement.
  • According to RCM Business Marketing Plan, opportunity to do business worth crores without investment
  • According to RCM Business Marketing Plan, product training program
  • 40 percent money was going to go to the middlemen, now it is saved here. It is returned to the consumer according to a certain guide line in the following way, such as…..
  • 10% to 32% of BV as Performance Bonus, 3% to 8% Royalty Bonus, 1% to 5% Technical Bonus Total 45%
  • Out of 50 percent, 45 percent is returned to the consumers in the above way, the remaining 5 percent money is spent on the transportation of goods from the company to the RCM market. RCM functions as a campaign.

FAQs :

what is RCM

RCM is the brand name

What is the full form of RCM

Right , Concept, Marketing

In which company is the RCM brand made?

Fashion Suitings Pvt. Ltd.

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