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Haryak, Shishunaga, Nand, Alexander Quiz 2

Haryak, Shishunaga, Nand, Alexander Quiz 2 , 16 mahajanapadas with capital, how were mahajanapadas formed.16 mahajanapad.

From the 6th century to the next few centuries, Indian political history is a struggle between Magadha, Koshal, Vatsa and Avanti. The Magadha Empire was the most influential in this conflict. Since the kingdom of Magadha was a kingdom of fertile alluvial soils, a large income was generated from agriculture.

Pataliputra, the capital of Magadha, enjoys natural protection. It is situated at the confluence of Gandak, Pun-Pun and Son rivers. Magadha dominated the northern trade route Uttarpath. The strength of this empire was the availability of large quantities of iron ore

Haryak, Shishunaga, Nand, Alexander Quiz-2
1 Haryanka Dynasty (544 BC- 492 BC) :

Haryanka Dynasty (544 BC- 492 BC) :

Bimbisara : (544 BC to 492 BC ) : The Harayaka dynasty is considered to be one of the oldest descendants of India. The Haryanka dynasty was founded by Bimbisara in 544 BC.

Haryank houses were also established by King Bimbisar. Bimbisara was a contemporary of Gautama Buddha. The policy of marital relations and aggression expanded the empire. Bimbisara annexed the Anga kingdom to Magadha. He founded Rajgruh as the capital city. The city was surrounded by five hills. He married Prasenjit Raja’s sister of Koshal. In this the Magadha kingdom got Kashi dowry.
He also tied the knot with the Licchavi and Madras kingdoms. Bimbisara’s son Ajatashatru captured Bimbisara and died there.

King Ajatashatru: (B.C. 492 to B.C. 460) : Ajatashatru was the son of King Bimbisara.

King Udayan: (from 460 BC to 440/44 BC): After King Ajatashatru, his son Udayan took charge of the kingdom.

Shishunaga family :

(B.C. 412 to B.C. 344): The people removed the weak king Nagdashak from power and made Shishunag (Viceroy of Benaras) king.

Nanda Gharana : Alexander Quiz 2

(344 BCE to 323 BCE): Mahapadmananda separated the Shishunaga Gharana and established the Nanda Gharana.

Alexander’s invasion (326 BC):

Alexander came to India through the Khyber Pass. Alexander the Great invaded northwestern India, destroying the kingdom of Iran in the 4th century. Alexander fought with King Porus. Alexander died at the age of 33. It happened on 323 BCE

Start Quiz :- Harayaka, Shishunag, Nanda, Sikandar Quiz 2

Mahajanapada, Harayak, Shishunag, Nanda, Sikandar Quiz-2 In this article, 25 quizzes based on Mahajanapada, Harayak, Shishunag, Nanda, Sikandar, mahajanapadas upsc etc. have been prepared. Click on Start Quiz written in black bar to read it. Quiz-1

Answer Keys:

1. Which ruler founded the city named Pataliputra at the confluence of the Ganges and Son rivers? [42-52 BPSC 2008]
a) Ajatshatru
b) Udayan
c) Ashoka
d) Ghanananda
Ans :- b) Udayan

2 . Alexander the Great died in 323 BC
a) Persia
b) Babylon
c) in Macedonia
d) Taxila
Ans :- b) Babylon

3. The armies of Alexander the Great and Porus/Puru had camped on the opposite banks of which of the following rivers [SST Mat.2002]
a) Ravi’s
b) of Jhelum
c) Sutlej
d) Chenab
Ans:- b) Jhelum

4. Which type of pottery was considered a symbol of the beginning of the second urbanization / urbanization in India?
a) Ocher colored pottery (OCP)
b) Painted Gray Ware (PGW)
c) Northern Black Polished Ware (NBPW)
d) Black and Red Pots (BRW)
Ans :- c) Northern Black Polished Utensils (NBPW)

5. What is the head of the village called in the Pali Granth? [RRB Ranchi TC 2004]
a) Gramak
b) Bhojak / Village Bhojak
c) parenthesis
d) Grampati
Ans:- b) Bhojak / Gram Bhojak

6. What was the ancient name of Ujjain? [RRB Chandigarh ASM/GG 2005, MPPSC 2003]
a) Avantika
b) Taxila
c) Kanyakubja
d) Dhanyakatak
Ans :- a) Avantika

7. Who was the founder of Nanda dynasty? [RRB Ranchi Tech. 2004]
a) Mahapadmananda
b) Kalashok
c) Dhanananda
d) Nagarjuna
Ans:- a) Mahapadmananda

8. Who is called ‘Egrams’/’Jandrames’ in Greek literature?
a) Mahapadmananda
b) Kalashok
c) Dhanananda
d) Nagarjuna
Ans:- c) Dhananand

9. By whom was the second foreign invasion and the first European invasion in ancient India?
a) Iranian ruler
b) Greek ruler
c) by doubts
d) by the Kushanas
Ans :- b) Greek ruler

10. Which ruler invaded Northwest India in 518 BC and included the region of Bazuka in Sindh as the 20th Kshetra (Kshatrapa) in the Zoroastrian Empire?
a) Darius – the first Daryabahu
b) Darius – the fifth Daryabahu
c) Alexander
d) none of these
Ans:- a) Darius – the first Daryabahu

11. Between which rulers was the Macedonian war fought in 326 BC?
a) Sikandar and Porus
b) Seleucus and Ajatashatru
c) Chandragupta Maurya and Udayana
d) none of these
Ans:- a) Sikandar and Porus

12. When did Alexander invade India?
a) 332 BC
b) 326 BC
c) 326 AD
d) 332 E.
Ans:- b) 326 BC

13. Which was the first capital of Magadha? [47, BPSC 2005 , 53,55 BPSC 2010]
a) Pataliputra
b) Vaishali
c) Girivraj / Rajgriha
d) Champa
Ans:- c) Girivraj / Rajgriha

14. Which ruler first selected Pataliputra as the capital? [46 BPSC 2004]
a) Ajatashatru
b) by Kalashok
c) by Udayin
d) by Kanishk
Ans :- c) By Udayin

15. List of sixteen Majajanapadas available _[46 BPSC 2004]
a) Mahabharata
b) in the Anguttar system
c) Chandogya Upanishad
d) in a joint body
Ans :- b) In Anguttar Nikaya

16. Which of the following kings of Magadha was contemporary of Alexander the Great? [44 BPSC 2001]
a) Mahapadmananda
b) Dhanananda
c) resolution
d) Chandragupta Maurya
Ans:- b) Dhananand

17. In which century did the first Magadha Empire flourish?
a) 4th century BC
b) 6th century BC
c) 2nd century BC
d) 1st century BC
Ans :- b) 6th century BC

18. The following were the reasons for the success of Alexander in India _ [UPPCS 2001]
19. There was no central authority in India then
20. His army was of superior type
21. He got the support of the traitorous Indian rulers
22. He was a good administrator
a) 1 and 2
b) 1 , 2 and 3
c) 2 , 3 and 4
d) 1, 2, 3 and 4
Ans :- d) 1, 2, 3 and 4

19. Pradyota Raja was the king of which state?
a) Magadha
b) Vats
c) Avanti
d) Kosala
Ans :- c) Avanti

20. Udayin Raja was the king of which state?
a) Magadha
b) Vats
c) Avanti
d) Kosala
Ans :- b) Vats

21. Prasenjit Raja was the king of which state?
a) Magadha
b) Vats
c) Avanti
d) Kosala
Ans :- d) Koshal

22. Ajatashatru Raja was the king of which state?
a) Magadha
b) Vats
c) Avanti
d) Kosala
Ans :- a) Magadha

23. Archival evidence shows that a canal was dug by order of Nanda Raja _ [UPPCS 1999]
a) in the limb
b) in the vang
c) Kalinga
d) Magadha
Ans :- c) In Kalinga

24. The first Iranian ruler who subjugated some part of India was _ [RAS /RTS 1994,95]
a) Cyrus
b) Combisis
c) Darius
d) Xercis (Kshyaarsh)
Ans :- c) Darius

25. With which kingdom did Magadha king Ajatashatru fought for 16 years?
a) Pataliputra
b) Vajji
c) Avanti
d) Lichchavi
Ans :- b) Vajji

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