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Gangubai Kathiawadi Bollywood Movie Quiz

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Gangubai Kathiawadi Biography:

  • Name: Ganga Harjivandas
  • Nickname: Gangubai, Gangu
  • Birth (Year) : 1939
  • Place of Birth : Kathiawar (Gujarat)
  • Profession: Room Run, Lady Don
  • Married: Married
  • Spouse Name: Ramnik Lal
  • Preference: Becoming a film actress

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Gangubai kathiawadi bollywood movie story:

According to author S Hussain Zaidi’s book ‘Mafia Queens of Mumbai’, a 16-year-old naive girl from Gujarat falls madly in love with a boy older than her. Goes against the family and gets married. All these things are from Gangubai’s life.

Gangubai Kathiawadi Bollywood Movie Quiz

Gangubai, formerly known as Ganga Harjivandas, was a wealthy family of Ganga. His father had a shop, where his father had hired a new accountant. The accountant was living in Bombay. The accountant’s name was Ramnik Lal.

Apart from being smart in studies, Ganga also had the dream of a successful actress in her mind. All he had to do was go to Bombay by any means and fulfill his dream. As soon as he finds out that his father has hired a new babu and that he too lives in Bombay, he decides to befriend Ramnik Lal.

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Ganga became friends with Ramnik and gradually this friendship turned into love, the love increased so much that both of them decided to get married. When Ganga told her father that she and Ramnik both loved each other very much and wanted to get married, her father flatly refused. But no one came in front of love, so how did the Father talk about you? Both of them decided to run away and get married.

A girl from a small village like Kathiawar did not know where did she get so much courage to run away and get married. But whatever it was, she eloped with Ramnik and got married and went straight to Bombay.

Bombay is the place where Ganga wanted to come for a long time to fulfill her dream and she was in Bombay after getting married, she could not believe it. Ganga gradually began to see her husband’s face clearly, as they used to quarrel over small things.

The man breaks down when there is no money in his pocket and this is what was happening to Ramnik. They fled to Bombay, but how did the whole life proceed? With no work in hand and no roof to live in, man becomes ready to do any work. Ramnik sells his wife Ganga to a kothawala in Kamathipura, a famous place in Mumbai, for just Rs 500.

Ramnik tells Ganga that he is going out of Bombay in search of work, so for a few days he will stay with his aunt at their house, after getting work I will take you from aunt’s house. Ganga continued to do what Ramnik said, little did she know that it was not the house of Ramnik’s aunt but a brothel house.

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After staying for few days she came to know that Ramnik would never come to pick her up and now after this situation she cannot even go to her village. Then Ganga, who lived a tireless life, accepted this brothel as her home. Ever since Ganga has come to that place, she is in discussion, everyone there used to call her as Gangu.

Gangu’s kotha used to be in Kamathipura and a dreaded goon named Shaukat Khan also came to know that a new girl has come in the kotha and she is very beautiful. so the next day. He goes without paying any money on it.

The first time Ganga didn’t understand anything, but the second time too when he forced her, she decided that she would punish Shaukat Khan. When he inquired from his surroundings he came to know his name and the name of his owner Karim Lala (Gangubai Kathiawadi Karim Lala). Arriving at Karim Lala’s base, pleading for justice, for the first time, a woman had demanded justice from Karim Lala in such a fearless manner.

Karim Lala assures him that the next time Shaukat comes, tell me that I will fix him. On this assurance, Ganga tied a thread in the hands of Karim Lala and made him his brother. When Shaukat came for the third time, Karim Lala had also reached after hearing the news of Khabri, Karim hit Shaukat so much that he became half-dead.

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Karim Lala has considered Gangu as a sister, with this, if someone forces her after today, then her life will be lost. After that incident Gangu became ‘Gangubai’

The dominance of Gangubai became so much that that Kotha (Gangubai Kathiawadi Kamathipura) of Kamathipura was named after her. Then with his domineering avatar, he did many good deeds for the prostitutes working in the brothel. The goons were afraid to enter that room. Took the responsibility of educating the children of prostitutes. She did not keep the girls who came without her consent in her room.

Gangubai was ‘Gangu Maa’ for the girls living in the kotha, also met the then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru to talk about their rights.

Gangubai’s explosion was so much that no work in Kamathipura was done without her asking, which meant that for doing any small work, she had to come to her house.

To capitalize on this power, someone asked him to enter politics, the entire Azad Maidan was filled to hear his speech and the coverage of his speech was on the front page of all the newspapers of 1960. The speech was also strong, the whole of Bombay was stunned by that speech.

Start Quiz: (Gangubai Kathiawadi Bollywood Movie Quiz)

Answer Key :

1.Who is the director of Gangubai Kathiawadi

Answer : Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Gangubai Kathiawadi Bollywood Movie Quiz

2. Who has written the Screenplay by (script)of Gangubai Kathiawadi Movie?

Answer : Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Utkarshini Vashishtha

3. Who wrote the dialogues of Gangubai Kathiawadi movie?

Answer : Prakash Kapadia, Utkarshini Vashistha.

4.The story of Gangubai Kathiawadi movie is written by

Answer : S.Hussain Zaidi Gangubai Kathiawadi Bollywood Movie Quiz

5. From which book is the story of Gangubai Kathiawadi movie taken?

Answer : Mafia Queens of Mumbai Gangubai Kathiawadi Bollywood Movie Quiz

6.Gangubai Kathiawadi Movie Produced by

Answer: Jayantilal Gada, Sanjay Leela Bhansali

7. Gangubai Kathiawadi Movie Starring

Answer: Alia Bhatt, Shantanu Maheshwari, Vijay Raaz, Indira Tiwari, Seema Pahwa

8.Who did the cinematography of Gangubai Kathiawadi movie.

Answer: Sudeep Chatterjee Gangubai Kathiawadi Bollywood Movie Quiz

9.Gangubai Kathiawadi Movie Edited by

Answer: Sanjay Leela Bhansali Gangubai Kathiawadi Bollywood Movie Quiz

10.Who gave the music of Gangubai Kathiawadi Movie

Answer: Score: Sanchit Balhara, Ankit Balhara, Songs: Sanjay Leela Bhansali

11.Production companies of Gangubai Kathiawadi Movie

Answer: Bhansali Productions, Pen India Limited

12.Gangubai Kathiawadi Movie Release dates

Answer: 16 February 2022 (Berlinale), 25 February 2022 (India)

13 Gangubai Kathiawadi Movie Running time

Answer : 154 minutes Gangubai Kathiawadi Bollywood Movie Quiz

14.Which country is Gangubai Kathiawadi Movie from?

Answer: India Gangubai Kathiawadi Bollywood Movie Quiz

15. Gangubai Kathiawadi movie in which language

Answer: Hindi Gangubai Kathiawadi Bollywood Movie Quiz

16.gangubai kathiawadi movie budget

Answer: Budget ₹100-165 Crore

17. Gangubai Kathiawadi Movie Box Office Estimated Amount

Answer: Box Office Estimated ₹209.20 Crore

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